Blue School

My role: Creative Director

Founded in 2006 by six inspired parents, including the original members of the Blue Man Group, and guided by an Advisory Board comprised of the most renowned thinkers in modern education, Blue School had people in New York talking. But sensational media reports weren't all positive, and some fueled pernicious skepticism about the school's more unconventional aspects. To debunk ten years' worth of misconceptions, our work needed to evoke the school’s undeniably effective and dynamically balanced approach—which included some surprisingly traditional methods. The challenge: to get this complex idea into an easy-to-share form that captured the seriousness and the fun.

“This process gave us a common language for talking about the school’s purpose. The messages and design are everywhere now and have really resonated in ways that are both confirming of who we are and what we do and motivating towards who we’re becoming.” –Allison Gaines Pell, Head of School