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Shady Hill School

Shady Hill, established in 1915 Cambridge as a radical alternative to the traditional New England prep school, found itself a century later among the most highly regarded and sought after schools in the country. Unfortunately, its prestigious reputation was attracting a new generation of families who were sold on the school's impressive outcomes but didn't necessarily buy into its unconventional approach. "Unconventional" felt unnerving for many new families, and the school's "just trust us" answer wasn't alleviating the tension. Our team's recommendation: Educate incoming parents just as you would your students. Invite them into the process, show them first-hand how Shady Hill prepares students for a life of intellectual rigor, creativity, and joy. To do this, we took a radical approach to the traditional print "viewbook," creating a series of immersive digital experiences, through which parents could really get to know and understand this one-of-a-kind school.

Creative Director: Lindy Kae
Designer: Beta Vitale
Writer: Chanda Grubbs
Developer: Rick Marson
Filmmaker: Proper Medium
@ Crane Metamarketing